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About us

Reese Consulting Group thrives at leveraging its expertise, data and industry relationships to improve our clients’ bottom lines and peace of mind.

Billy Reese founded Reese Consulting Group to help healthcare organizations become more profitable and efficient. The team is comprised of knowledgeable, passionate and innovative thought leaders providing risk finance, technology, quality management and business strategy services to the healthcare industry and beyond. We work at the enterprise level to identify opportunities to improve operational efficiency, increase revenue and reduce liability and risk finance costs for our clients. RCG is a dedicated member of the Raleigh community and is committed to providing the very best service and results to its clients in North Carolina and across the nation.

The foundation of Reese Consulting Group is its performance-oriented approach. We set the highest standards for our business dealings with our customers and carriers by providing unparalleled service, a deep understanding of the healthcare industry and absolute integrity in everything we do.

To achieve these goals, we use a four-pronged approach:

  • Service Excellence: We are completely engaged with all aspects of the client experience. The strength of our client relationships is the key to our growth and success.

  • Insightful Expertise: We thrive on turning knowledge into insight. Staying on top of our field and ahead of the curve is how we drive value for our clients.

  • Innovation: We strive for constant improvement, always searching for new and better ways to serve our clients more effectively.

  • Integrity and Transparency: Your best interests will always come first. We give fair value for fair compensation and there are no hidden costs or hidden compensation in any form, including contingency bonus or commission plans.

We are driven by data and a strong work ethic that is results-oriented. Reese Consulting Group successfully delivers each innovative and cost-effective program by listening and understanding the needs of the client and responding with an effective plan that maximizes the use of its risk dollar.

Healthcare in the United States is in a period of transition and healthcare organizations’ budgets are being squeezed like never before. As a result each line of those budgets needs to be highly scrutinized, including the risk finance and liability costs that are incurred. These costs are an unavoidable operational expense for healthcare providers, but the strain that they put on an organization’s budget are commonly more extreme than necessary. With diligent and strategic management, they can generally be reduced and stabilized. Reese Consulting Group has a proven process offering impactful reductions in these costs without putting our clients’ assets at risk. We develop competitive advantages for our clients and enable them to deliver the best possible services to their community.

Whether our clients are looking to identify new markets, roll out new products, undertake acquisitions or mergers, improve their technology infrastructure or reduce potential liabilities from a new or existing revenue stream, our consultants provide critical analysis and forward thinking strategies to improve operational performance, efficiency and ultimately profitability. RCG’s strategies and service model help our clients navigate the fast changing healthcare environment and eliminate the inefficiencies of the agent/broker model to find much needed risk finance program savings. Our results are undeniable.

Our Market

  • Hospitals

  • Health Systems

  • Physician Groups

  • Alternate Care Sites

"We represent our clients to the market, not the market to our clients."

- William Reese, Founder and CEO, Reese Consulting Group

Our Services

Revenue/Liability Analyses

We offer cost analyses of specific risks in healthcare, such as professional liability, or full property/casualty risk reviews.

Market Assessments

We position our clients to take advantage of good market conditions and minimize the effects of challenging market cycles.


We provide contractual and structural guidance for M&A activities to improve insurance or risk finance programs.

IT Management

Our IT division can help you develop, maintain, and deploy your IT infrastructure while managing associated risks.

Business Strategy

We are effective at identifying growth opportunities for our healthcare clients.

Quality Management

RCG can provide quality and clinical risk management evaluations and process improvement services to healthcare clients of all sizes.


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